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Modèle Actros
Numéro ID 123
Année de production 2008
Kilométrage 34 300 km
Première immatriculation 30.07.2010
Propre poids 14 850 kg
Poids total à charger 25 480 kg
Capacité de chargement 41 000 kg
Stationnement Bulgarie, Bulgaria-Sofia
  • norme: Euro 4
  • type de carburant: diesel
  • capacité du moteur: 12 950 cm3
  • puissance du moteur: 410 CV (305 KW)
  • marque du moteur: Mercedes-Benz
  • blocage différentiel
  • ralentisseur/intarder
  • ASR
  • frein moteur
  • suspension: ressort
  • configuration d'essieu: 8x4
  • empattement: 4 500 mm
  • freins: tambour
  • ABS
  • EBS
  • roue de secours
  • réservoir de carburant: 300
  • boite à outils
  • fixateur de pneu de secours
  • benne basculante à décharge arrière
  • type de cabine: de jour
  • visière
  • vitres électriques
  • rétroviseurs électriques
  • verrouillage central
  • air conditionné
  • chauffage de nuit
  • régulateur de vitesse
  • direction assistée
  • siége pneumatique du conducteur
  • CD
  • MP3
  • ordinateur de bord
  • téléphone
  • unités en stock: 1
  • garantie
  • livre du service téchnique
AGREEMENT-Mertsedes-Benz Aktros 4141K/8X4/4/4500 - EURO-4. Rear tippers LANGENDORF type: 4141 wheel formula: 8X4 / 4 between axial distance: mm 4500 series: 93231512 room: s-room (standard / short) Engine: OM 501 la 300 kw evro 4 moshttnost Engine: k. p. 408 total weight technically: 41 000 kg payload, ca. : 25 450 kg curb weight, ca. : 14 850 kg Tyres: 1 axis 13 R 22, 5 / 50% / st. 3 2 axis 13 R 22, 5 / 50% / st. Axis 2 3 13 R 22, 5 / 50% / st. 4 4 axis 13 R 22, 5 / 50% / st. 4 color: a room of seven series colors: ruby ​​mc 3626 gray chassis 'nova grey' rims silver gray standard front axle, law enforcement front axle 7. 5 t, rear axle h7, 13. 0 t, crown 300 mm, gear ratio i = 5, 333 (hl7), differential lock on rear axle, the system automatically compensates for load the front axle, abs with the possibility of exclusion telligent braking system with abs and asr, dual-circuit pneumatic braking system, auto-brakes, automatic brake system for slope armor - steel, rear protection bar, power steering ls 6/ls 8 Stabilizer front axle, steering column adjustable for tilt and height, units located on the left, multifunction steering wheel, 2x12v batteries 165 ah, s-room (standard / short), rear cab wall with window, electric windows left and right door hinged rungs suspended for uploading, ergonomic instrument panel, luggage niches right panoramic mirror with heater, immobilizer , wide right rear, power steering, heated mirrors, rear ramp on the left, central locking, gearbox g 240-16/11. 7-0. 69 dust filter for heating and ventilation system for controlled heating and ventilation dashboard with a graphical display thermometer outside temperature service system 'telligent' exhaust pipe placed vertically behind the cab osn. tank 300 l, steel Boardcomputer fuel consumption 6-sectional rear lights with reflector. regulate the level of headlights from the cab lights on the step with a smooth glass headlamps transmitter for additional indications speed limit, 90 km / h cruise control (cruise control) engine OM 501 A 300 kw (408 hp) 1800/rpm alternator 28 v / a 80. protect radiator heating fuel engine brake with constant throttle insect screen over radiator objection to Power MB 131-2c p.predpaziteli bolts for the rims wheels 9. 0 x 22. 5 spare tire / spare rim weight version 41 0 t (7, 5 / 7, 5 / 13 0 / 13, 0), in accordance with silencing cm 96/20 special powertrain warranty of 3 years or 250,000 km. tools to export 12 tons telescopic jack vazduhoizsushitel heated drum brakes front and rear stabilizer reinforced the rear axle under the frame fasteners for installation of a steel superstructure on the roof hatch lock box for battery room with a flat rear wall outer hood, transparent, tinted tinted front windows without solar aperture v3055 + cab suspension, standard rear satellites as required to fall gear shifting - Hydraulic Air tachograph, digital + additional recorder, addr sounder for reversing Siemens vdo tachograph lockable filler cap for fuel strainer filler in the tank fuel filter with heated vodootdelitel board diagnostic system 1 stainless muffler with SCR catalyst tank blue hell, 40l protective bars on the headlights lamps on the roof, yellow-wheel air cleaning stocky engine number engine mount to work on poor roads increased capacity of the cooling system tech blue (Euro 4) with electromagnetic fan drive air compressor, single cylinder, adjustable cooling fluid in the gearbox temporary fenders transport chassis crossbeam, pinched by fasteners connector marks ringfeder towing tug front spring 9 0 t rear spring 16, 0 t hard armrest for right hinged seat right seat driver seat with air suspension, isringhausen instructions in Bulgarian two underlayers wedge kit hose for inflating tires, 10m emergency triangle signal lamp car right movement tipper upgrade rear landing lagendorf 18 1 m3: tipping basket - semicircle section of high wear-resistant steel nardox HB 450. a - thickness of 7 mm, side walls 5 mm. back wall - link suspension in its upper part, with automatic locking. back wall - inclined at 15,186;, ends - right, 1900 mm, with a short visor - OK. 350 mm. cavity with integrated extension to work with asphalt paver. tipping pot sizes: 5. 250 mm height tipping basket: 1. 650 mm volume of tipping basket: 18, 1 m3 weight tipping basket: 3. 900 kg mounting frame with hydraulics, working pressure 150 bar, of course hidrotsilindara 4. 620 mm, axial - piston hydraulic pump, control valves, oil tank. sandblasting, priming and painting twice with high-quality acrylic paint in two colors chosen from Rall-standard colors. longitudinal protectors against the ingress of material on the chassis units. Reel stand with the spare tire on the front wall of the basket. ladder work sheet from the rain pouring of the material. rvs canvas in red side seat frames folding rear beam painting the color of the cab. price without VAT.

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Année de production 2008
Kilométrage 34 300 km
Configuration d'essieu 8x4
Norme Euro 4